ASTER II Bluetooth® EXPERT for V2 GB + Adjustable Quantum Trigger 2



  • Product description
  • GATE ASTER II Bluetooth® for V2 GB + Quantum Trigger 2 [AEG & HPA] Expert
  • Aster 2 Expert development version of the previous version of this chip. Designed for superior quality and reliability at an attractive price. The chip is designed for tuning replicas equipped with Gearbox V2.
  • Built-inBluetooth 5.2 technology allows direct access to ASTER II Bluetooth® settings, replica telemetry and the ability to use smartwatch apps, tactical computer STATUS, and other future GATE ecosystem devices. Today, you can use ASTER II Bluetooth® with your AEG, and tomorrow with a single-valve HPA motor . This makes the ASTER II Bluetooth®, right after the TITAN II Bluetooth®, the world's most versatile contact cube replacement control.

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